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An addictive tale of awakening, soulmates and past lives

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“I just finished Moondance and I felt I had to write to tell you how much I loved it. I haven't been able to put it down and felt it totally resonate for me...”
Lynne Franks
Best-selling author
“Karen, it's Dee, I had to call and tell you that I've just read the first 119 pages of your book and oh my God it's absolutely incredible... I don't want to put it down, it's your fault. Congratulations, I can't wait for the next page.”
Dee Miller
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What is a soulmate (is it him)? Some answers may surprise you...

You're wondering: What is a soulmate? What is true love? Good questions! Everybody wants one, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on what a soulmate is.

Richard Bach's definition is a beautiful one, I think.

Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person.
– Richard Bach

For years, I've wondered 'what is a soulmate' myself and have wanted to go deeper into the topic. For years, I've explored.

I've searched high and low. I've read and sought out information and all kinds of love advice. I've distilled. I've discerned. And I am excited to share what I've found with you!

On what is a soulmate, what I've learned is that the purpose of a spiritual relationship isn't meant to merely fill a gap of loneliness, or ramp up your sex life (though great sex can be a wonderful side benefit!).

Having a soulmate is much more than that. It can actually turbo-charge the greatest potential within each of us. Don't believe me? Here's some law of attraction research on positive singles and soulmates.

Some soulmate relationships, like twin souls, are even meant to have a greater purpose: one that is 'bigger' (if you will) then may have been able to meet individually.

What is a soulmate?

“I'm afraid we don't want the same things.”
– Sex in the City

In all cases, the dictionaries answer 'what is a soulmate' by describing a person with whom we have a feeling of deep comfort, affinity and compatibility.

Two out of three definitions mention similar attitudes and beliefs. In other words, a spiritual relationship. No wonder having one is so desirable!

In my view, there is much more to a soulmate connection (that's why I'm writing a multi-layered site about it!). More on the meaning of soulmate

Do you believe that every soulmate is a romantic relationship? I don't. I believe that we can have true love connections in friends, family members, teachers, and even pets. I also don't believe that every marriage is between soulmates… though each has that potential if both parties are willing to dig deep (it can happen). How to recognize your soulmate.

The good news? This means that when we think about it, we already have soulmates in our lives! Which is very cool. The bad news? The most intense, thrilling, excruciatingly painful emotional connections we've experienced romantically... may not be soulmates at all. At least not yet. Though they are a type of spiritual relationship. Some call thess karmic relationships.

Hint: If you want to go deeper than this article, consider booking a private karmic astrology session with me.

“You've set it up for your next life...” (choke)

I remember my heart sank when I first realized this viscerally. I was seeking love advice with a karmic astrologer at the time, and I had discovered a particularly strong connection with someone.

One of those 'right people, wrong time' kind of situations. But one that was intense, and the heartbreak experience which made me first consider karma What is karma?

Karmic astrology helped me understand my own answer to: 'what is a soulmate'. Back then, I couldn't imagine not being with this person. Yet it was not to be. When Linda said: "You've set it up, so that you'll be soulmates in the next life," I felt sick.

I rationalized up a storm: 'But, but... if felt so deep, so real. You mean I went through this devastation for nothing?'

Let me tell you. It's not for nothing! In fact, I believe there's a way to transform karmic relationships by moving a relationship up (what I call) The Soulmate Continuum.

That's why I'm writing this site. I do believe soulmates exist. I believe it with every cell in my body. I also believe that the mythology (and more recently the mainstream) has been real culprits in twisting the meaning.

Why are you here?

I mean the big question, not here reading this site.

I believe that the more of us that find our true soulmates, the more of us that honour our personal growh, cultivate our greatest gifts and embrace our purpose (whether we're intended to impact the world, our families, or the people down the block), the more we'll all benefit. Yup, my reasoning is a bit broader than the question: what is a soulmate?

If you're interested in having a soulmate union, the best love advice is learn how to understand and love yourself first. Whatever your goals, whatever your beliefs, this is always the first step.

Love is love

True love transcends sexual orientation. So whether you're gay, straight or looking for a lesbian soulmate, love is love. Period.

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  • Thought-provoking ideas by writers, thinkers and clairvoyants that the mainstream never talks about... and which may surprise you!

I hope that this site offers up some ideas you won't see anywhere else. Enough to instill hope, clarity and inspire you during your own journey to discover 'what is a soulmate', and of course bring that man or woman into your life for the long-term.

Do you have a better sense of what is a soulmate?

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