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Soulmates and reincarnation: Ancient principles deepen modern love search

Do the idea of soulmates and reincarnation seem inevitably linked for you? They do for me, and that's why I'm including a page on them here.

In particular, I'm summarizing some of the most significant (and rarely discussed) information I've found on soulmates and reincarnation, compiled from readings of the documented American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce.

If this resonates for you in any way, I encourage you to read more on the man and his work. During my own search, I found that using this ‘lens’ on life, has impacted my own relationships profoundly, helping me find patience, meaning and forgiveness in every association I have.

Edgar Cayce, soulmates and reincarnation

The Cayce information isn't for those who need easy answers. Yet, there is much, much here to explore for those who are interested in soulmates and reincarnation, and empowering themselves during their soulmate search.

Three ideas are prominent in Edgar Cayce's readings regarding our relationships and choice of life partner. They also speak to our life purpose.

Idea 1: Marriage relationships are not casual

The Cayce material clearly states that it's prudent to choose our companions carefully. Why is this? First, it's because we're all here to grow. As such, relationships with some people are more helpful to our growth than are others.

Idea 2: Marriage partners should have a shared purpose

According to the Cayce readings, a good marriage or partnership should be founded upon a shared purpose in life and the capacity to help each other grow.

Idea 3: We've been with this soul before

The readings also connect soulmates and reincarnation. They confirm that we're spiritual beings (or souls) who have gone through a series of past lifetimes in physical human form. We've also had close relationships with certain souls, to whom we are attracted to continue our soul work together

We are attracted to particular lovers or partners to do one of three things:

  • Settle a conflict
  • Balance an obligation, or
  • Generate more love.

Indeed, this dynamic can be seen as a sliding scale, with conflict at one end, and love at the other. I call this The Soulmate Continuum.

The beautiful thing is, we have the power to choose whether we move a relationship up the continuum (closer to love) or regress it (deepening conflict).

Attraction to marriage partners

If soulmates and reincarnation are a fact, we've been married to many souls during our past lives.

Cayce also emphasizes that we could make a successful marriage, with many partners. Also, that no marriage is perfect. What will distinguish a soulmate from another however, will be the willingess to work through your differences, without losing each other's respect.

In this lifetime, the key question is:

Which partnership is the best one for me to build upon at this time?

Soulmate sign: the ability to pursue your purpose

Another indication of a soulmate relationship is the capacity for each soul to follow their unique purpose (if they so choose), no matter how challenging a relationship becomes.

A mentor I had years ago put it bluntly:

“[He] knows that there's only one reason I'd leave this relationship. That is, if he prevented me from pursuing what I believe to be my soul's purpose. Then I'd have to go.”
– Name withheld

Of course, this agreement works both ways. Though they do have periodic conflict in their relationship, they are both highly motivated to work it out. Their shared and individual purpose is understood between them.

More on souls and reincarnation

The Cayce readings speak to soulmates and reincarnation, and they also also raise some provocative questions as well.

Is the soul male or female? Both or neither?

Our souls do not have a gender. Further, the readings suggest that we incarnate in both sexes to promote our long-term growth over many lifetimes.

Do we choose our gender?

Our souls are interested in achieving perfect competency and balance in all areas of life. However, in order to achieve such balance (thinking vs. feeling, light vs. dark) we choose the gender to explore during a particular lifetime.

Do we choose our gender orientation?

Sometimes, a soul on its way to exploring the energies of the opposite sex, will create a transition lifetime. So some women may be particularly masculine, for example. And a man, feminine. A soul may also create homosexual or bisexual lifetime(s).

This is by no means the only reason a soul reincarnates as bisexual or homosexual. These are just some examples given in the Cayce material.

Provocatively, the Cayce material also suggest that in the times of Atlantis (12,000+ years ago), a soul could incarnate with both male and female qualities at once. It isn't clear what form the body took.

The end of gender stereotype?

Personally, I believe that as our society advances, gender orientation as an identity will become less and less important. After all: Love is Love.

Is our spouse our perfect complement?

Often, we choose our marriage partner because they feel as if they're our complement. However, this is really an opportunity to develop the full range of experience and capacity within ourselves.

So as a man, you may need to learn more feminine, receptive traits. As a woman, you may be here to become more assertive. And so on.

Is marriage necessary for soul growth?

While marriage is a natural state for humans, it's not the only path to soul growth. Marriage is ONE path for development.

What is a soulmate, then?

Is our soulmate the soul that we've married most often in past lifetimes? Cayce reported that yes, this is one factor.

In any case, love and soulmates are about more than physical attraction. It's about a capacity to help each other achieve more balance on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Does marriage = soulmate? Actually yes...

What's variable is where exactly your relationship lies on The Soulmate Continuum, and where you will choose to leave it. Closer to love? Or further away?

The Cayce material strongly recommends caution when considering leaving a urrent marriage partner because of an attraction to someone else. This isn't a moral issue. Divorce is a sound decision, in many cases. Caution is warranted because of the principles of soulmates and reincarnation.

Pesky repetitive relationship patterns

Simply stated, if we don't meet the challenge with our current partner now, we will meet this soul challenge again in future lifetimes. Not only that - but if there's something YOU are to work out in this lifetime, it's likely that you'll encounter the same problems again in the new relationship.

Karma is one of the best reasons I know of, to embrace a life of 100% responsibility. Truly, it's a remarkable opportunity for transformation and ultimately - freedom. In other words: Love in all forms. What is karma?

Relationship advice for singles

What do the Cayce readings on soulmates and reincarnation have to offer singles seeking true love?

First, the readings suggest choosing someone who will help you to:

  • Have a more well-rounded life
  • Grow, and increase your vibration
  • Generate more love.

Soulmates forever?

While the concept of soulmates may be otherworldly and magical, they're also as grounded as can be. Even if we find someone who fits our vision of soulmate, this does not necessarily guarantee a good marriage – immediately.

A loving marriage is possible however, if both parties accept 100% responsibility for their lives, and commit to themselves first – and then one other.

Thanks for reading about soulmates and reincarnation!

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