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“I just finished Moondance and I felt I had to write to tell you how much I loved it. I haven't been able to put it down and felt it totally resonate for me...”
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“Karen, it's Dee, I had to call and tell you that I've just read the first 119 pages of your book and oh my God it's absolutely incredible... I don't want to put it down, it's your fault. Congratulations, I can't wait for the next page.”
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Single romance: loving yourself first

What is single romance exactly? Well, it's one of the things you can do, to fill >yourself with love - before you meet you soulmate. Not only is it yummy and enjoyable, but it's s a critical component of the law of attraction in love.

Single romance 101: Engage fully in life!

With your feet on the ground and your heart fully engaged, explore the following single romance tips that resonate with you most.

Helping yourself feel it... even when you don't

Striving to feel 100% Belief and Self Trust every second of every day, isn't easy. Yet ‘hoping’ and ‘longing’ and ‘wishing’ actually work against the law of attraction.

‘Lower’ emotional states originate from sadness, fear and disappointment. If this is the predominant state you're in, what happens is that you'll end up creating more of the same — exactly what you don't want.

Why? Because what we pay attention to expands. And because like attracts like. So what we want to do is raise our vibrations so that we attract more of what's wonderful.

Here are some of the favourite ways I love myself using single romance. Hope that this article sparks some ideas for you!

My favourite single romance ideas you can start today

Read the ideas and see what you're drawn to. If you want to really supercharge the attractive forces, learn about your soul's purpose first using karmic astrology and let that guide you. The section of this site that helps you do this yourself is astrological soulmate.

Nurturing your emotions

Use essential oils

Aromatherapy is a lovely way to indulge in single romance. One of the things I do each day at home is use essential oils in an oil burner. It smells great, and introduces a pure, vibration into your most intimate space.

Lavender oil is healing and easy to find. Rose oil attracts love and is a lush indulgence. The rose oil I recommend is from

Rose Otto oil is a beautiful and potent essential oil which is steam distilled. You only need one drop to fill a room with beautiful scent. I'm picky and this is the only rose oil that I recommend. It's frequency is so high, that it cannot be measured.

Sit on the water

I sit by open water whenever I can. When I do, I feel my heart expand. When I can't make it to the lake, I enjoy water fountains which are encouraged by feng shui practitioners.

Where can you bring water into your home? Consider an aquarium or images of water. Choose images and symbols that you feel emotionally drawn to and calmed by. Use a meditation recording with rushing water for a nurturing single romance experience.


Speaking of meditation, it slows you down, calms your heart and connects you with your own and the collective unconscious. It's a healthy and creative activity which helps you engage in your life and open yourself to possibilities. I use Holosync meditation every day (complete with the sounds of rushing water) and it's quite wonderful.

Dance by yourself (and imagine)

I love music, and invested in a stereo system I can listen to in every room. Quite often, I play songs that open my heart and I dance to them. It's amazing how this can open up your heart, and melt your emotions. One song I can recommend highly is Elbow's One Day Like This. Do it now!

Embracing intuition, courage, serendipity

Use candles at home

How do you use candles in your home? I use them every day, especially as I work, or at night as the day's energy settles. They're one of my favourite single romance ideas and so simple! I suggest pure unscented candles or beeswax or soy candles if you are able to invest. Really want to indulge? Find a store connected to a church, temple or synagogue. They have the purest beeswax candles that are often for sale to the public. You can order them online at Church Candles.

Travel with curiosity

How many couples do you know who met on an airplane? Or while on vacation? Getting out there, following your intuition and travel might be just the nudge your soulmate needs.

Career, work and manifestation


Work may not appear like a juicy topic, but think of it this way. Some folks have a soul path with a career focus. Really! So for some, focusing on your career is more likely to boomerang into your romantic life. This is particularly true if you have an earth (especially Capricorn) north node.

So, do you love your job? Are you continually rewarded by it? Does it energize you? Don't fight it! Discover the satisfaction. Do good work. If your soul path is in the workplace, it'll make it that much easier for your soulmate to find and recognize you when he slips into your life.

Or... are you continually facing obstacles around your job? Climbing the corporate ladder, only to find everything collapsing? Then perhaps a work focus isn't your path (found this out the hard way for me). Discover more about your soul purpose at astrological soulmate.

Grow something, explore your creativity

Here's another single romance idea. The earth signs, especially Taurus are practically creative. Growing flowers, planting a herb garden fall into this category. So does photography and creating a sensuous home environment.

Curiosity and lifelong learning

If you have prominent air signs, like Gemini, Aquarius or Libra make sure you indulge in your curiosities as part of your routine. Read, take courses, join groups, learn! Perhaps your interests are yoga, golf, politics or the environment. Or maybe you want to going back to school to be a journalist.

No matter! You know that a meeting of the minds is as compelling as a meeting of the bodies. If you have an air emphasis, or especially if you have an air soul path, love yourself with single romance by following your curiosities and the issues that mean the most to you.

Health and beauty

Make-up just for you

Toronto's Suzanne is a makeup artist, and she helped pick my make-up colours. Wow, the freedom! I highly recommend paying a knowlegable professional to help you with this highly personalized single romance idea. I still go bare-faced most of the time, but when I dress up it really works!

In Toronto? Hire Suzanne for a make-up lesson, events, a special date — or a wedding. Check out her work — it's exquisite.

Professional brows

Pay someone to do your brows professionally. Really. This inexpensive tip opens eyes without invasive techniques and really makes a difference.

A fun, stimulating workout

This single romance tip is about loving your body. Want more energy in less time? Want to have fun? Get a mini-trampoline. I'm not kidding! Exercise and de-tox all in one. NASA has actually done studies on its benefits. No excuses — you can get one for $40 at WalMart. Benefits of rebounding

Indulge in good skin care

I'm picky and have tried all kinds of expensive professional skin products. Recently, I changed to Consonant which is organic. Feels wonderful and it's a Canadian creation, like me. ☺ Not multi-level-marketing. A single romance idea that helps you feel great every day.

Hope you found ways to love yourself using single romance!

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