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An addictive tale of awakening, soulmates and past lives

What readers say

“I just finished Moondance and I felt I had to write to tell you how much I loved it. I haven't been able to put it down and felt it totally resonate for me...”
Lynne Franks
Best-selling author
“Karen, it's Dee, I had to call and tell you that I've just read the first 119 pages of your book and oh my God it's absolutely incredible... I don't want to put it down, it's your fault. Congratulations, I can't wait for the next page.”
Dee Miller
Director, Renewed Strength

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Your past life quiz results

These past life quiz results are a bit different than most.

While it's generally true that the more ‘Yes’ answers you have, the more likely it is that your past lives might be hindering you from finding your soulmate — this is also true, if you only answered ‘Yes’ to just one!

So what do these past life quiz results support? That we're all here for different reasons. Some of us may have one whammy of a karmic lesson in our lives and that's it. Others may be here to balance really deep and stubborn karma in one or a number of areas of life. Others may not even have to learn the word ‘karma’!

How open are you?

Not only that, but we're all at a different level of openness to past lives. Some of us may see a painful event as a past life issue right away. Other folks may be tougher, needing a number of wake-up calls before they even ask the question about past lives. This is what happened to me by the way — I was a tough nut to crack. ☺

So! What this means for your past life quiz results is that if you answered ‘Yes’ to even ONE of the ten questions, exploring your past lifetimes may be a helpful, healing and beneficial thing for you to do.

And! If one of more of the following factors apply to you, then past life work is strongly indicated:

  • Do you have few reasons in your existing life that may be the source of your intense experience? I'm talking traumatic childhood, past behaviour, family patterns, your health.
  • Was the intensity of your emotional response way ‘out of proportion’ compared to the facts? Like being deeply hurt by someone whom you've only known for a few days?
  • Has this happened once, or many times before? When it happened, did you feel a ‘here we go again’ dread?

If you can also say ‘Yes’ to one or more of the above in your love life, then likely you've had an experience that was preparing you for a huge karmic insight around love.

The bottom line

If this is you, want to know how I see this? Congratulations! Your past life quiz results gave you new information. You're on your way to releasing what's in the way of finding your soulmate.

I encourage you to read Dr. Brian Weiss' work, starting with Many Lives, Many Masters or Linda Brady's Discovering Your Soul Mission. If you're drawn to it, you may also want to seek out a past life regression therapist as well, so you can uncover the problematic energy and let it go once and for all.

If you're interested, read my article on past life regression therapists which includes personal therapist recommendations.

Thanks for reading your past life quiz results!

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