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Online dating tips for spirit-oriented women

Spirit-oriented? Seeking a soulmate match online? Here are some online dating tips to consider as you're putting yourself out there.

First! A fascinating astro fact

If you have Aquarius in your chart (or a prominent 11th house), meeting someone online may be even more favoured for you.

Now just because you don't have alot of Aquarius, doesn't mean you shouldn't use the net to meet people. But if you're drawn to seek love online and you know you're a Saturn in Aquarius, then good for you.

Saturn is the loving ‘taskmaster’ that ultimately wants us to manifest what our souls want. It's like the path we walk to our soul mission.

You have Saturn in Aquarius if you were born:

February 25, 1932 - August 13, 1932

November 20, 1932 - February 14, 1935

January 4, 1962 - March 24, 1964

September 18, 1964 - December 16, 1964

February 7, 1991 - May 20, 1993

July 1, 1993 - January 28, 1994

To know if you have an 11th house focus, you'd need to do a full chart, which includes exact time of birth.

10 online dating tips

1. Invest in looking great

We make our first impression in a split second online. Invest in looking great and you'll feel great too. Pay for professional make-up (and even a professional make-up lesson) and then hire a photographer to take a natural photo. Pay someone to do your brows professionally. Even if you're a non-makeup gal, getting your brows done is one of the easiest and most inexpensive online dating tips going. An easy eye-opener that really makes a difference.

If you're in Toronto I enthusiastically recommend Suzanne Cyr at Prettiface. As a studio model and actress as well, she also knows some of the best portrait photographers in the city.

2. Create a clear intention: You first

Before creating your profile, set a clear intention. This means doing some reflecting. Get clear about what's important to you and where you're going. You'll write your profile from that grounded place. In my view, this is one of the online dating tips many folks ignore. Yet my research says that to consciously attract a true soulmate, it's important to know something about our souls first.

3. Create a clear intention: Your soulmate second

Now! Create a detailed list describing the man you're seeking: physically, spiritually, emotionally, materially, sexually — the sky's the limit! Also create a description for your relationship — how you manage children, money, where you live, how you spent holidays. Everything! DO NOT focus on what you don't want. Why? Because the law of attraction says what we focus on expands.

4. Take some time to write your profile

When we're relaxed, we more easily allow. So you want to be in a relaxed space when you create your dating profile. Take some time and write from the heart. Put as much of YOU into your profile as you can. Edit. Refine. Make it shine. Focus on who you are, rather than what you're not seeking this time' round. Put your authentic energy into it. Why is this one of my online dating tips? Because this is how your soulmate will recognize you!

5. Tell someone

Tell someone you trust what you're up to. This works in two ways. First, it further grounds your desire and commitment which is an important step in manifestation. More practically, having some support, encouragement and a buddy system for safety is important too.

6. Open to serendipity

While a certain amount of planning is prudent, also make sure you open yourself to serendipity: those unexpected moments that reap great rewards. It's also a great way of looking at the dating process. Just because you're online, doesn't mean that you won't meet him another way. Stay open to it. Trust that your soul's taking good care of you. This is one of those online dating tips that's also just a good reminder about life.

7. Be curious

When you meet someone for the first time, it can be stressful for both of you! To handle nervousness, adopt curiosity. About the man you're meeting. About this entire fascinating dating process for you. Look at your date directly. Relax your face and soften your eyes. Ask questions. Listen. Laugh. Ask what you need to ask. Know that they're nervous, too. Allow curiosity to sooth your nervousness and lighten your heart.

8. Pay attention to body language

This is one of those online dating tips no one talks about. Pay attention to this. It's amazing what's being said without being said. Is his words matching his actions? Does he feel congruent to you? Are YOU being congruent? While you're watching his body reactions... also tap into your own. Do you feel relaxed in his presence? Or tense? Don't be too quick to dismiss your own body sensations. If you're feeling off-balance, it might be telling you something.

9. Let go of the ‘how’

You're going online to meet someone, okay. I want that to happen for you. Yet we can't really understand the mysteries or mechanisms of our souls. So when you clarify your intention, say them aloud. Also say: “And I am opening to receiving something even better.” Then get on the 'net and let go. Perhaps you'll meet him there. Or... perhaps posting a dating profile was just meant to get you clear about what you want and ‘shake up’ the energy around you to bring him in another way.

10. Spend two days a week *off* dating sites

Meeting people on the internet can overwhelming. Stay engaged with it, yet hold it all lightly. Dating sites are just one way of meeting someone, not the be all and end all. Choose two days a week that you don't check messages. Take action in other ways. Accept invitations. Do something that's just for you. You'll enjoy the process more, feel more empowered. Apply these online dating tips more broadly, to your ever-unfolding purpose in life and the natural meeting of your soulmate — and watch the possibilities expand!

I hope you enjoyed my online dating tips.

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