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Meeting your soulmate: A momentous event? Or a whisper you might miss...

Meeting your soulmate sounds like a momentous event, right? Like those Hollywood chick flicks where the couple finally kisses for the first time, and everyone claps?

But even in the Hollywood and Harlequin versions of love, often the first meeting is tense (for drama!). Or, it doesn't even register on the radar. That's why it's important to stay open and aware of subtleties, and not expect an orchestra to begin playing when you first lock eyes.

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What real soulmate meetings look like

Some examples of this. Have you read the true story, Only Love is Real – A Story of Soulmates Reunited? It's by psychiatrist Brian Weiss who's been on Oprah and also wrote Many Lives, Many Masters. He was doing past life regression on two of his single patients, Elizabeth and Pedro a few years back. This is a great book to read if you're interested in meeting your soulmate.

Noticing that Elizabeth and Pedro's past life recalls were astonishingly similar and knowing that each deeply desired true love, Dr. Weiss wondered if they were soulmates. So he discreetly arranged a meeting by booking their appointments back to back.

A first meeting in Dr. Weiss' lobby fell flat. Instead, it was a serendipitious second meeting that sealed their connection...

Then there's the movie Fugitive Pieces, a beautiful, sensuous tale about the redeeming power of love. Whew. I cried all the way through it! The main character, Jakob (Stephen Dillane), loses his family as a child in world war two. Damaged by the experience, he's lovingly raised by a Greek archeologist, and meets his soulmate (Ayelet Zurer) very late in life.

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Now some real-life examples! These folks are now married, and many have families. What they said early on:

“He's too young.”
“He's too straight. I told him that this will never go anywhere.”
“He's too old.”
“I'm not sure I want to kiss him, let alone make love.”
“He is completely not my type.”
“He doesn't work out, it'll never work.”

On the other hand, as they continued to see each other, these same people said:

“He's never disappointed me.”
“He's as eclectic as I am...”
“He makes me laugh.”
“He took care of me when I was sick.”
“He always wants to celebrate.”
“He initiates the emotional conversations.”
“I can be myself with him.”

So meeting your soulmate match could be like a Hollywood lightning flash (with people cheering when you kiss!). More likely, it will be be something that sneaks up on you, like a whisper.

What about love at first sight?

Is meeting your soulmate something you'll recognize in the moment? I don't know. Most often, I believe, intense ‘instant chemistry’ is an unconscious response to something our soul wants us to make conscious. In other words, a karmic relationship.

The readings by clairvoyant Edgar Cayce are clear that rarely do marriage partners come together with a ‘clean slate’. Linda Brady says that soulmates are two souls who have worked out their karmic differences and what's left over is love. They may have ‘worked it out’ in a past life. Or — they can be called to work it out in this life or a future one. It's our choice, always.

Rare are ‘preordained’ soulmate relationships where there's nothing big to work out in this lifetime. For most of us, we'll be continuing the love story that began in past lives — warts and all. So meeting your soulmate is one thing. The question is: once you meet, how will you choose to write the new chapters of your love story today?

Dating tips for meeting your soulmate

So! It's likely that neither of you will be wearing a neon sign the first time you meet. Until then... what can you do to tune in?

Learn about your soul's purpose

Anything you can do to learn about why you're here is part of consciously meeting your soulmate. Why? Because we meet our soulmates on our soul path.

Make room in your heart and home

Toxic ties suck your energy. Physical clutter does too. Sticky exes suck up a whack of energy! Do everything you can to ‘scrub your space’ and make room if you're interested in meeting your soulmate.

Engage in activities you love

This isn't magic. When you're doing things you love and believe in, you're energetically like this beacon that can be sensed for miles. It'll help your soulmate find you. And! You'll have fun in the process.

Get a pedicure!

Or whatever makes you feel good. Take care of yourself. Self-nurture. Like doing the things you love, this will create a good ‘vibe’ that will act like a magnet — for other good vibes, like your soulmate!

Say yes to invitations

Meeting your soulmate needs a little help. It's unlikely you'll meet him sitting at home. So when an invite comes up, say thank you! Gratefully receive it — then show up.

Embrace serendipity

The laws of attraction don't work without our participation. So study serendipity. Engage fully in your life. Take action. Pay attention to coincidence. Revise. Act again. Repeat. ☺

Pay attention to your comfort level

Meeting your soulmate is as much comfort as it is chemistry. Do you feel safe? Or are you on edge? How does your body feel? Listen to its whispers.

Discount physical appearance (at first)

Of course affection and sex is important, and there needs to be a physical attraction. But if everything else is there, don't rule him out after the first coffee date. Give it a few meetings, and see if he grows on you.

Look for ‘signs’ (but don't overdo it)

This about learning how to recognize the signs, the little ways the universe speaks to you. Now don't go overboard. But do participate, engage fully in your life, and follow your hunches.

Acknowledge your resistance

It's possible that meeting your soulmate feels scary. What if it's the real deal? I'll be vulnerable! Hang in. Don't repress it. Acknowledge your resistence. Go deeper into your own patterns. This in fact, might be exactly what your soul wants for you...before meeting a soulmate.

Thanks for reading about meeting your soulmate!

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