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Forgiving infidelity: A critical step in your soulmate search

Forgiving infidelity often takes a back seat to the drama of unfaithfulness in marriage which inspires both entertainment and tabloids.

My reason for writing about this sensitive topic on The Soulmate Site is multi-fold.

  • Because healing from any past heartbreak is critical as we consciously seek our soulmates.
  • Because it may be that forgiving infidelity and re-committing launches an existing relationship into soulmate status.
  • It may also be that infidelity healing is an important step for you, so that a new person can come in.

The reincarnationist viewpoint and past life insights from the files of clairvoyant Edgar Cayce offers a little talked about perspective, which may assist some people in their forgiveness process. Who is Edgar Cayce?

Celebrity infidelity: Oh, the drama

The infidelities of Tiger Woods, Jesse James, David Letterman, John Edwards, David Duchovny and more dominate our media, striking fear into the hearts of mated people everywhere.

It's easy to find psychological experts' take, and their ideas on recovery from infidelity. The choice of forgiving infidelity is personal, gut-wrenching and complex, and I highly recommend working with professionals.

What few talk about, however, are the spiritual and karmic aspects of unfaithfulness and that's where my interest lies. What is karma? Not only the behavior of the cheating spouse... but the (unconscious) choice made by the person who was betrayed. From a spiritual and energetic perspective, why did Elin Nordegren choose Tiger? Why did Tea Leoni choose David? Why did Sandra Bullock choose Jesse?

I don't know these folks, and I will not, indeed cannot, speculate why they (in an esoteric — not literal — sense) ‘chose’ their cheating spouse. I answer such questions only about myself, for myself.

However, for those motivated to dig deeper for their own reasons, the reincarnationist point of view, for some, can offer a way to understand and heal. It did for me. In fact, these ideas were what finally brought me emotional freedom.

Yes, many years ago, I did experience the pain of infidelity. I wrote about the experience (thematically) in my novel, Moondance, which follows my character Althea from anger and blame to forgiveness. With a few surprises in between of course. It is dramatic fiction after all. ☺

I share the following today, with the folks who are sincerely interested in healing from infidelity, and along with other tools, philosophies and support-systems they may choose to explore, may find this information helpful in their search.

Psychic Edgar Cayce

These ideas are not my flights of fancy. They were carefully excerpted from the book Many Mansions — The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation by Gina Cerminara. Who is Edgar Cayce?

This information from the most documented American clairvoyant offers a unique, complex view of soulmates and reincarnation... and infidelity in marriage. If this resonates for you in any way, I encourage you to read more about the man and his work which is impossible to summarize on one web page.

Warning! The following information isn't for those who need easy answers. But, for those who want an empowering way to approach forgiving infidelity, there is much here to consider.

Reasons for infidelity

There are many causes of infidelity, spanning biological, psychological and social factors. According to the Cayce readings, in some cases, infidelity has origins from past lifetimes. In other words, ‘karmic’ origins. What is karma?

So Mary's unfaithfulness to John today, may be due to the fact that John ‘deserved’ this treatment because of his unfaithfulness to his wife in ancient Rome. A situation not of ‘punishing’, but of balancing. As Cayce says about karma: in life, we often ‘meet ourselves’ [i.e. we often meet our behaviour from past lives in the traits of others in this life].

There are three cases in the Cayce material for which karma clearly appears to be the reason for infidelity. Food for thought, especially if you're on the journey of forgiving infidelity.

Three cases of karmic infidelity

One cannot possibly cover such a complex topic in one web page. I highly encourage you to read more on Edgar Cayce if you are interested in this topic.

  1. The husband of a mother of two had been having an affair for eight years. She had known about it for the past two. When she asked Cayce why she was going through this experience, Cayce said: “because of your own unfaithfulness in the experience before this."
  2. A woman who, during a lifetime in the French court, had been shamelessly unfaithful. She was now ‘meeting’ the same situation again with her unfaithful present husband, who had been her principal paramour in the earlier incarnation.
  3. A woman whose husband drank excessively had one affair after another, even bringing a woman into their home. The wife had known and remained faithful for years, even becoming infected with STDs. Cayce said that the situation was due to her past life as the illigitimate Japanese daughter of one of Commodore Perry's sailors
    Possibly because she felt like an outcast, she had become promiscuous and was a source of infection to the many men she was with. “And far-reaching were those influences”, Cayce said in her reading. “Even to the meeting of it in the present experience.”

How to deal with infidelity

Now, not all cases of infidelity are karmic. The Cayce book suggests that the best way to determine if a situation is karmic, is to ask if there's sufficient ‘provocation’ in the present. In other words, is it a case of ‘quick’ karma?

Forgiving infidelity might be one of the hardest things you or anyone ever has to do. I highly recommend working with relationship experts to help you sort through the complexities.

Indeed, the path to forgiveness is not always a comfortable or simple one.

Whatever you choose, know that there is hope, there is a light beyond just ‘surviving infidelity’, and that if you continue to ask, to search, to dig deep and to grow you will heal your heart, emerge even stronger and — if it's something you desire — create a soulmate. What is a soulmate?

Whether it's with your current partner on a new level, or with someone new you haven't even imagined yet.

Thanks for reading about forgiving infidelity.

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