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Beyond 2012: awakening to soul love

Is this the best time to meet a soulmate?

An interview with intuitive Charmayne Kilcup

Photo of Charmayne Kilcup

Listen to the interview

I'm tickled to chat about 2012, awakening to soul love. First, tell us a bit about your background.

Well, I have a B.A. in psychology from a school in Washington state, and an M.A. in counseling from a school in Santa Fe. Currently, I'm doing a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology, or spiritual psychology, at a school in California.

I've been studying metaphysics my entire life. Astrology, religion, you name it. At 25, I had a profound spiritual awakening, which changed the course of my life. Now I do spiritual healing, intuitive work.

What were your symptoms of spiritual awakening? For those who might be going through it...

Lots of symptoms, there's an article on my web site about it. In my case, I had been very stressed out with school and relationships, so I decided to retreat in Colorado. I was meditating, and all of a sudden I heard and felt a presence. It told me that it was my soul and the voice was loving and gentle.

Out of the meditation, my ego took a hold of it and I thought: What. Just. Happened. This is not normal. At the time, I just about had a nervous breakdown. Spiritual emergencies can happen when you're barely hanging on due to a great infusion of spiritual energy.

To get a hold of it, I did lots of work. My soul had set up a whole bunch of wonderful teachers for me, who helped guide me through the process.

For me, it was dark and difficult. Now, I see people going through it a bit more gently. It's as if their life stops working, and they try to make their life work in the old way. They keep hitting fences everywhere they turn.

The process is designed to help us wake up. So that we realize that the divinity, the comfort, the joy that they're seeking in life isn't external. Like life is saying: ‘it's time to go inside now’.

How do you help people? What methods do you use?

I use therapeutic counseling. Also Noetic Field Therapy, which works within the layers of the aura. The auric field, is like a giant egg around the body. When we have issues, or physical blocks in the field... they interfere with spirit's ability to be loving and joyful. I also work with forgiveness techniques. It's different for everyone. I basically ask spirit to help me in any way possible.

What kind of questions do you help people with?

Big questions and small questions. I help people look at their life from spiritual perspective, and recognize how spirit is working in their life.

I'm not so good at helping people find their lost items, or keys. (laughs)

The 2012 awakening energies are intense. What are you seeing in your clients, the people around you?

In one word: chaos. Though it's not personal. The whole world is a pressure cooker. People are having a hard time holding all of the energy.

This has been leading up for ten to twelve years now. Today, we're in the apex of a giant leap in consciousness, so we are expanding like crazy.

The older energies that aren't ready to move into the new are holding on, and trying to maintain control. So there's incredible tension, a desire to skyrocket to new dimensions. And old, heavy energies that are gasping for their last breath.

So everyone's issues are coming to the surface. Nervous systems are maxed out and some don't even know it. They might find themselves emotionally reactive. My advice is not to take it personally. Just hang on.

What else is going on?

Charmayne: Well, it is a time of no more secrets. This new time demands transparency, so we're seeing secrets coming to the surface. It feels as if everything is falling apart, but it's not. It's just that secrets that have been long buried are now being exposed. It's actually a wonderful thing that's happening.

Karen: Yes, the 2012 awakening is like the Pluto in Capricorn transit. Pluto is all about death and re-birth, ruled by Scorpio and Capricorn is about the structures of our lives, the rules of life, including business, government or any organization. Pluto will tear down the structures that are no longer compatible with the new energies coming in. What replaces them will be a structure that will be aligned for these times.

Charmayne: Yes, that's a perfect encapsulation to what's going on.

Karen: The Pluto transit will be going on until 2025, so it's a process. Some are frightened of the 2012 awakening energies, and there's no need to be. It may be however, that the people who are unconsciously and rigidly holding on to how things were, may suffer more.

Charmayne: Yes, some religious groups for example. It is the end of the world as we know it. Like the world is going through a big reverbing process right now. It can be painful. Not always easy. But worthwhile in the end.

How long is the 2012 awakening expected to last?

We're in an especially tough time right now, lots of tension. But my feeling is that by 2015-16, things will really level off. That's my personal feeling.

Any other tips to manage the energies?

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Understand that if emotional reactions come your way, it's not about you. Spend time in nature as much as possible. Salt baths are great.

Karen: Earthing has also helped my energy. I live in the city, and it allows me to get the energy of the earth while inside. I sleep much more deeply now.

Ok, let's move on to the fun stuff: the 2012 awakening to soul love. Is it a good time to meet a soulmate?

What I'm feeling and seeing is that it's a difficult time for people to come together right now. There are a lot of layers or barriers in the way, energetically.

Especially the past few months, I've seen breakups happen like crazy. Friends, lovers, families. Some people can't handle the energy and it's also about the secrets. Secrets are coming up and must be dealt with.

So yes the 2012 awakening is a challenging time, but not impossible time to meet your soulmate. If you don't meet them in the next year or so though, trust that spirit knows what it's doing.

Karen: I write about karmic relationships and sincerely believe that karma can be transformed between two people, so that they can become soulmates. But both people need to be willing, and go through the journey together.

Charmayne: Yes, if you can find the partner who's willing to look at their stuff, then it's possible. But if there's unexamined shadow on one side or the other, it can get tricky.

What are some of the most common soulmate blocks you see in clients?

Well, it's individual for each client, but there are some I've seen that come up. Self-trust is one, or knowing that your life path will take care of you. Everyone struggles with this, even me.

Karen: Me too. I might be fine 90% of the time, but when that 10% hits, woah.

Charmayne: Another is self-doubt and hesitation. Many people come to me and say I can't find my soulmate, help me. But when I tune into them energetically, I see parts of them that really doesn't want a soulmate to come in.

Maybe it's fear of abandonment, fear of rejection. Or maybe they're not ready yet, or that there's something that their spirit is not ready to give up yet. Their mind will say... yes, soulmate soulmate soulmate. But if they look deeper, and get honest with themselves, they're getting something from staying single.

I also see women, and men too sometimes, use the soulmate concept as a band aid. If you do this, it will block your real spiritual partner from coming in.

This is a cover up. Energetically, I see this as holes in the energy body, parts of us that aren't filled with spirit. And it's human nature, and we want those holes filled up, and it's a quick fix to get another person to do it. It might work temporarily “we're in love, I've found my soulmate...yada yada”.

But ultimately our souls want us to be so filled with unconditional self-love so that on our own, we don't have holes any more. And we're to enter a relationship from that whole place.

My understanding is also that a true soulmate relationship cannot unfold fully, if each individual partner doesn't take complete responsibility for their own happiness. If we make our partners responsible for our happiness, then we're in trouble.

Any other blocks you see around 2012 and awakening to soul love?

Yes, what I call fantasy energy. This is when someone comes in, and he or she doesn't measure up to the white night in your head, so you reject them. Not successful enough, tall enough, not enough hair.

So you push someone away, before you take the time to really explore. The question I'd ask is: How do you feel when you're with the person? That's what's relevant. Fun, playfulness, deep emotional connection... what is it that you want inside your body? Go for that. Let spirit bring you the partner that will give you that.

Karen: Right, from a law of attraction perspective, you could just focus on the feeling. Feeling good. Feeling safe. Letting go of the timeframe.

For those that may be heartbroken right now, what would you say to them?

Trust spirit. Really, really trust it. The little ego cannot see the big picture. When these things happen, they're often happening for us. I've had my heart broken a lot... and each time, when I fully feel it and grieve it, something good happens. This is what spirit wants for all of us.

Karen: Yes, developing self-trust is part of the 2012 awakening to soul love. There's an image I used in Moondance, which comes from my own life. Over 15 years ago, I was heartbroken. Everything in me wanted to shut down, say ‘never again' and instead I remember being on a walk by myself and I pictured myself opening up my heart to the universe even though my heart wanted to close.

I actually met someone six months after. Though he wasn't the one, it was a compatibility thing, it was a lovely experience that I hadn't had in a while. And it came easily, with no struggle.

Charmayne: Yes, when someone comes in, it'll be free of the drama. There's so much drama in relationship now. So exhausting. When we replace the drama with unconditional love of self... we make space for the joy state.

What real life soulmate stories made an impression on you?

My grandparents on both sides, say they're soulmates. Met at 17 or 18, knew immediately and now 90 and 91, and they walk everywhere hand in hand, so sweet. But today, the game has changed. It was easier to come together before 2012. To have a real soulmate, we must integrate our inner selves first.

I have seen soulmates come in for my clients. But often it takes longer than they think. However, know that if you stay with it, your partner will show up and it will be perfect.

Thanks for joining me today to talk about 2012, and awakening to soul love. Last word?

Trust what comes your way. Open to it.

Find someone, a friend, therapist, spiritual guide, who helps you see your unconscious stuff.

How can folks get in touch with you?

I work with people by phone, and in person. I'm in California, the Bay Area. Contact me through my web site.

I do individual sessions. Sometimes I work with someone once. And sometimes, I work with clients for years. Whatever feels best.

I hope you found our chat on the 2012 awakening to soul love inspiring.

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